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Madison Township Board of Trustees is announcing a Special Meeting will be conducted on Wednesday, November 8th at 6:30pm. Located at 5610 West Alexandria Road Middletown Ohio, 45044. For the purpose of: Discuss Fire Department Facilities.


On behalf of Madison Township, we would like to thank all those involved with the Middletown Community Foundation for making our new playground equipment a reality. Their contribution of $25,000.00 went a long way in making this possible. We appreciate it.



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Message from Jeffrey Willoughby, Trustee

This is the start of my third year in office and I just now feel I understand the responsibilities of a Trustee. These are defined by the Ohio Revised Code. In our township, they are mainly the care of roads, cemeteries, Life Squad, Fire Department and Park. The ORC also defines the abilities we have to regulate nuisances. The state of our township is stable. After two years of legal actions (seven at one time), audit findings (two of which pertaining to the health insurance that have been removed) and retirement of a trustee, it feels like we have come out of a long storm. Hopefully, we can now work on the items which challenge the Township.

While the general fund is stable, it averages month to month around $130k, there is very little room for expenditures like the park or other additional resources that would benefit the community. Several people have suggested that we take actions on different topics. The General Fund would be the source which the expenditures would be drawn. It could quickly be depleted and place the township in financial hardship. The Park is an area for improvement. To that ends, we have presented the Butler County Commissioners with a request for $750,000 to construct a restroom/storage/concession along with the installation of lighting for the park and power for events. There has not been a timetable set for the possible allocation but a committee will be formed from the supporters to better define the plan and seek sources for funding.

This is also stable. However, construction cost have rising 44% since 2007 and 15% since 2021. The mileage we have been paving has extended by ARPA funding from the township and county. All of the township ARPA and CARES funds have been allocated but there is additional funding from the county expected in 2024. After that, the mileage will be greatly reduced. We will have to research alternative methods to maintaining the roads. The ARPA and CARES funds did help us take on some culvert projects that we would not have been able to address. A total of $350k was spent replacing or relining in this effort. This extended the life of the culverts 30-50 years.

This fund had a negative trajectory of $200k/year and was expected to go negative in 2027. The ARPA and CARES funds moved this two more years to 2029. With the passing of the 3-mil levy, the funds are positive for the foreseeable future but there are issues that need to be addressed. Several pieces of apparatus need to be replaced. These vary from turn-out gear (a fireman’s last defense) to fire engines that are beyond the service life (1993 engine -30 years or 1988 pumper - 35 years). Then, there are the stations. All three stations have maintenance issues and do not meet the current needs of the departments that alone the future. We need a deep dive into this and review each property to make a sound decision based on facts.

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